How to Find An Independent Sales Representative For Your Small Business

Independent sales rep and rep company is an important aspect of several wholesale companies' sales strategies. For some, hiring an in-house sales representative isn't cost-effective, or they need to get their feet wet swiftly without committing to a salaried team.

Others understand the value of an independent representative's current relationships and networks, leading to new business prospects in established markets and entry to new regions. For whatever cause, wholesalers frequently turn to independent sales reps (also known as manufacturer's reps) to expand their sales force. These self-employed reps either run their businesses or work for a company that hires a team.

They operate as independent freelancers on commission alone (leading to increased commissions on every order) and may promote different businesses, but there is no risk in employing an independent rep. Here's a brief breakdown if you're considering recruiting independent reps and are unsure where to begin.

looking at hiring a sales rep for their small business

Why Does Your Small Business Needs A Sales Rep?

Sales are the backbone of any profitable business, as it brings you clients who provide you with purchases and increase your sales ladder, which you wouldn't have if you didn't have salesmen. Many entrepreneurs believe that by utilizing the most up-to-date technology, they will be able to secure these desirable orders.

This might work in some cases, but for business owners who want to see their brand name in the spotlight, a vital element of the sales jigsaw is figuring out how to sell to clients without having the funds to hire a skilled sales team. Interpersonal selling will considerably boost your chances of success, regardless of how technologically advanced you are. Your cash-strapped sales problem can be solved with the help of sales reps.

Why Does Your Small Business Needs A Sales Rep

How to Find An Independent Sales Representative For Your Small Business

Now when you've determined that independent sales reps should be a member of your sales team. How do you identify a rep in your desired region with the domain knowledge to market your merchandise?

Your commission-only salesperson will require the correct soft skills and charisma to suit your organization and available position and sales experience. Determine the required level of expertise and relevant skills for the position.

Here are a few suggestions:

Search Independent Representatives At Exhibitions

Search Independent Representatives At Exhibitions

Trade exhibitions are fantastic places to meet new people, not only for acquiring new clients but also for discovering independent reps. Visiting significant trade events in your business may introduce you to independent reps or companies marketing other brands and/or seeking new lines to promote. To create ties with these types of acquaintances, strive to target these trade shows.

Use A Database Or A Rep-Matching Facility

Use A Database Or A Rep-Matching Facility

Numerous websites connect independent sales reps and marketing professionals with distributors, wholesalers, and manufacturers who require their expertise. Enterprises require commission-only sales reps, while sales professionals go to these portals searching for new product lines to promote. Just make sure you use an accurate and non-misleading job title, current market salary range, and additional qualities you require for the job in your application to recruit top-performing salespeople for your business.

Use Linkedin To Your Advantage

Use Linkedin To Your Advantage

Social media profiles can also be beneficial. For example, following appropriate LinkedIn groups or running a quick internet search for sales reps serving in the company you're searching for. These social sites are good places to start looking for independent reps in your business.

If your firm's online presence and employment ads inspire confidence in your organization and brand, only then will you be able to attract the amount of commission-only sales applicants you desire.

Request Recommendation From Established Retail Clients

If you already have a client base, ask them to suggest sales rep candidates or representative companies that work on a commission basis. They've contacted or interacted with in the past through any sales organization. As purchasers, they've probably worked with many sales reps in the past, so this strategy can be a wonderful way to identify a potential sales rep who retailers appreciate.

Publish The Job On the Internet Via Job Searching Sites

use job sites to find a sales rep

Whereas this strategy is unlikely to produce many focused results, it certainly won't hurt to include it in your research methodology. This exercise will, at the absolute least, require you to write a specific job specification highlighting the main characteristics you're searching for.

Publish An Advertisement Or Request In A Trade Magazine

This is a far more specific strategy than the earlier point, as journals or sites devoted to your business or the freelance sales rep network are more likely to link you with just the right people. However, remember that other organizations are dedicated to various businesses, so do your homework.

However, remember that even if these reps aren't paid, they'll still be selling your product to clients in any of these instances. Therefore, make sure you undertake a thorough hiring process, get a clear sense of their industry experience and the quality of their existing client relationships, and ask for credentials to back up what they've said.

What Are The Pros and Cons Of Having A Sales Rep?

Starting and operating a successful business depends on various factors based on your business.


Even Small Businesses Can Recruit Highly Skilled Independent Sales Representatives

An Independent sales associate or B2B sales expert is usually experienced and productive. They also have a superior track record of generating revenue than an in-house sales team. Since they typically have extensive and successful work histories, including corporate experience with significant, major corporations.

This is fantastic news because it implies that you, as the latest and smallest company in your field, will be able to recruit the highly qualified and experienced salespeople available!

Employing Independent Sales People Has a Big, Underappreciated Benefit

hiring an independent sales rep for your small business has large benefits

You can benefit from their experience a lot. As they will not only keep you informed about what is proceeding in the business and what your competing companies are doing, but they will also provide you with very specific guidance like studying this rival for interesting ideas; creative packaging; price management; recommendations on sales materials; which product appears to be a champ; increasing the advertising budget.

You will be blown away by the ideas and information you will receive from independent reps! Furthermore, they will make it much more enjoyable to be a part of the business.

You'll Have Less Management Time With Experienced Reps.

As freelance salespeople are typically more competent than in-house salesmen, so they require less supervision and guidance. So if you recruit them, you'll unlikely have to get a sales manager, and they'll probably require even less of your attention than an inexperienced in-house rep.

As Your Sales Increase And Decrease, So Do Your Sales Expenditures

A talented sales professional is a huge benefit for a growing organization that doesn't possess a huge amount of capital initially, and it also comes in handy during recessions.

Independent Salespeople Have A Long Track Record

Representatives that have built a solid reputation will be there for a long time. They're not going to vanish after a few difficult months on the road, as many under experience salesmen do. Don't miss that if you have your individual sales staff, the cost of travel and other expenditures can easily exceed the base salary. You're providing your organization a competitive edge by adding a committed, coachable sales rep to your workforce.


You Won't Be Able To Entirely Oversee Independent Sales Representatives

You Won't Be Able To Entirely Oversee Independent Sales Representatives

They will only promote things they believe have the best possibility of selling and profiting. They will typically focus on selling the greatest merchandise from their most well-known brands.

Take Care Not To Fall Victim To The "1st timer" Phenomenon.

You're an obvious victim of the "first-timer" phenomenon as a new company. After the representative has introduced your goods, he or she will try to place orders as soon as possible. Your item or service may be removed from consideration if this does not occur.

However, if you have a formal contract to the contrary that is exceptional in this industry, the independent rep you're working with could be selling your competition's items as well! Regardless of how seasoned your new sales professional is, they will have to be briefed on the intricacies of your sales cycle, brand, and company profile.

Remember that despite a long-term connection with a salesperson, you must consistently "sell" them on the possibilities of your current and new products.

Small Business Consultant

As a small business consultant helps you in many aspects of your start-up, like handling your financial targets and advising you in recruiting beneficial employees, small business consultants help you find the right sales rep more conveniently. As they work with different business people on numerous business-to-business basis, they come in contact with talented commission-based sales representatives; therefore, they can filter out the most appropriate commission sales reps for your product.


As with most minor manufacturers and suppliers, employing and establishing a strong infrastructure of highly skilled commission sales representatives will be far more effective than attempting to develop the company's full-time sales team. Gain knowledge from them by getting to know them, supporting their endeavors, and being compassionate with them. An independent sales rep can be your sales superstar after having command of your business proposition and sales process.

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