Best Small Business to Start in Sydney

We discover which is the best small business to start in Sydney. We'll also examine the best locations for small businesses in Sydney and some facts about the city and the people that live here. If you debate launching your own small business in Sydney, Australia, you should consider asmall business coach Sydney.


How Many Small Businesses Are There In Sydney?

There are currently over73,000 small businesses in Sydney. The largest sector in NSW is the construction companies with a total of 98,750 total small businesses across NSW. Australia has always been a nation of entrepreneurship, and small business is a cornerstone of our economy. This spirit of independence is evident in the latest business statistics, which show that eighty-eight percent of all businesses in Australia employ four people or less.

The number of small businesses is an essential indicator of the health of a city's economy. Still, the number of companies does not necessarily reflect the industry structure of an area. Some sectors may have a single huge business and many small businesses in an industry with little or no value-added. Therefore, the number of companies per industry should be viewed with other data, such as employment locations and value-added.

The Australian Bureau of Statisticspublishes data annually on the number of small businesses in Sydney. The report uses data from the Business Activity Statement and the Economic Activity Survey to calculate these statistics. It also identifies whether a company needs a new location or expands an existing one. A growing number of small businesses are starting up in Sydney.

What is a small business?The Australian Tax Office defines a small business as a business that has a revenue of less than $2 million. Government grants for small businesses are typically determined by the size of the business and the number of employees. Along with the connections made with local industry leaders.

a sydney business woman working in the sydney CBD

Does The Sydney State Government Help Businesses

When funding small businesses in Sydney, the state government is not shy about offering help. In the recentCOVID-19 economic support package, the government announced $3.9 billion in funding for small businesses. The funds will extend the JobSaver and Job keeper program and open the Micro-business Grant and continue to provide rent relief incentives and payroll tax reductions. With twelve-month interest-free repayment plans, eligible businesses can defer payroll tax payments until January 2022.

But this help will only cover a fraction of the businesses needed.The budget cuts have already affected many small businesses in the state, and the impacts are worse than last year. Many Sydney business owners considered leaving the state because it was too difficult to continue operations.

This support package comes when the NSW government is under pressure to help small and medium-sized businesses. The recent Covid virus outbreak has hit NSW hard, and the NSW government is now committed to providing more than $1 billion in economic assistance. The new support package aims to help small and medium-sized businesses that suffered losses in February. $700 million of the funding will go towards a JobSaver-style scheme run by Service NSW.

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Best Locations To Start A Business In Sydney

There are several benefits to setting up a business in Sydney. One of the most well-known suburbs isParramatta,which offers many benefits. Parramatta is often considered the secondCBD in Sydney, as it boasts top-notch infrastructure developments and new-age commercial spaces. Aside from that, North Sydney is also an excellent choice because of its proximity toSydney Harbour Bridge. Besides, it is the perfect place for start-up entrepreneurs and small business owners since the property prices are very affordable.

Sydney has many vibrant locations that may align more appropretly with your business needs. If you plan on opening a surf shop, you should do so near theBondi, beach. The Bondi beach is a create location even for a startup restaurant or cafe as it is a tourist hot spot. The price of renting a shop can be expensive there.

bondi beach with lots of happy people

Interesting Facts About Business In Sydney And NSW

  1. Over 40% of small business owners earn less than $1000 each week
  2. One third work almost 50 hours per week
  3. Only 36% of businesses operate outside of the outer regions of Sydney
  4. Almost 60% of small business owners have completed year 12
  5. One third of founders were born overseas
  6. 20% of the small business owners operate their business from home
  7. Majority of small business owners in NSW are in the construction industry
sydney CBD with a meeting of small business owners


Sydney appears to be a beautiful city where starting a small business would be a fantastic idea. With the construction industry booming in NSW, it might be a considerable idea to investigate the possibility of this industry. After researching the information, perhaps the best small business to start in Sydney would be something in construction.

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