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Perth Business Facts - Insightful Business Statistics

Perth, Australia, is a fantastic place to launch a small business. 3% of businesses in Perth are NOT small businesses! How crazy is that?! Perth is home to a tone of different industries. Construction and mining operations are the powerhouse industries in Perth. You'll learn a bucket load from this article about Perth business facts.

Suppose you're considering starting a business in Perth. It would help if you chatted with an exponential small business coach Perth that can help you explode sales. and ensure success.

Now let's get into the stats.

General Information About Perth City

Perth city is home to 2.6 million Australians. The city is located on the western side of Australia in the state aptly named "Western Australia" (it would appear the individuals naming the states had no creativity).

General Information About Perth City

The GDP of the city was $46 billion in 2019. Perth's local council and government have stepped up their initiatives to help business owners bounce back from the Covid-19 pandemic. Western Australia had extreme measures that had the state and the city on hard lockdowns for long periods. Many businesses were forced to stand down staff, and many owners didn't know how they'd bounce back. Perth's CBD vacancy rate was at 20% in 2021. The highest in Australia at the time. The hotel industry reported a loss of booking revenue of 33%.

While the city did have the highest vacancy rates for offices in Australia, it's not all bad news. We can not confirm this, but seeing how19% of Perth residents own pools, they probably enjoyed some time off during the pandemic.

The hotel industry reported a loss of booking revenue of 33%. Perth was the fifth largest city for tourism in Australia in 2020.

Interesting Perth Business Facts And Statistics

Gathering information about businesses in Perth, Australia, took a lot of work from our team. We were blown away by how diverse the business industries are in this beautiful city. In fact, the Perth local government has placed particular importance on business diversity moving forward. The state of Western Australia is known as a mining state. But, many people don't know that Perth produces 16,988 crude oil. Perth has a sizeable oil-producing industry, the largest in Australia. Many Australians relocate to Western Australia to work in businesses involved in mining or oil production.

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Small Businesses In WA

81,000 backpackers were hard at work in Perth helping out business owners in 2020. Backpackers tend to help out small businesses such as pubs and restaurants. 65% of small businesses in Perth only have themselves working for the business. 32% of small businesses employ at least more than one person, with no more than 19 people employed. 2.5% of businesses in Perth are classified as small-medium enterprise and not as a small business. The State of Western Australia has a total off 227,000 small businesses. 77% of these companies offer their services in the city.

After a collection of industries, Construction makes up 17% of all small businesses in WA. They were followed by 12% scientific/ research and 11% real estate. There is no doubting that it's the work of small business owners that generates significant economic growth for the nation. Small business contributed$54 billion dollars to the WE economy in 2020, and Perth's economic development seem strong. Economic activity is expected to bounce back after the pandemic is over. WA small businesses employed over 460,000 people.

local perth shops and small business owner with a business coach

City Of Perth Statistics And City Of Perth Projects

The city of local government is focused on the future Perth community and the services the city has to offer its population. The government has been at work to create new initiatives to drive economic growth. There is$13 billion invested by the government and private corporations for developments in the CBD. The government is investing $1.86 billion into the rail link to the Perth airport. Advertisement for new positions is up by almost 20%. The WA government is confident that this economic growth and development level will create work and opportunities for more people and businesses. The employment statistic has the status of unemployed at 5.70% for the city of Perth. The Perth business facts identified that there seems like a positive focus from the local government to back all business owners.

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Services To Help Your Perth Small Business

The SBDCsmall business is a business development team established by the WA government. This is a great starting location if you're considering opening a business of your own. Suppose you're an already established business. The city places a heap of free information on the site about how you can claim grants from the government, along with staff management, business opportunities, and marketing tips. Just be warned that this information is only rudimentary, and if you want professional information about marketing or business management, you will need to contact a Perth business coach.

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Final Thoughts On Perth Business Facts

The city on the furthest westerly coast of Australia appears to be a great place to own a business. Suppose the government's methods towards COVID didn't impact your business. The city seems to enable a perfect work life balance, because the economic outlook appears strong. The government is hard at work trying to boost business activities and update facilities for the people of the superb WA city. If these Perth business facts still left you unsure about starting a business, you should consider working with a skilled Perth business coach or consultant to help you ensure business success.

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Small Business Facts About Brisbane

Many Queenslanders wonder how their state operates with so many great small businesses. Understanding small business facts about Brisbane will help many readers identify the crucial factors that impact the daily lives of Brisbane small business owners. Covid-19 was a difficult period for these individuals, and many needed business advice from professionals such as small business coach Brisbane.

brisbane city

General Facts About Brisbane And Queensland

Brisbane is located on the southeast coast of Australia, which makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. The city has been named the "queen of cities" by Lonely Planet due to its popularity among tourists. It is also known as the capital city of Queensland and is home to 1.27 million residents. In addition to being an important port, Brisbane is also a hub for trade and commerce. It is the third-largest city in Australia after Melbourne.

Queensland is home to the great barrier reef and thousands of beautiful beaches. This natural attraction attracts millions of visitors every year. Over 2,000 islands within the Great Barrier Reef make this an ideal destination for diving enthusiasts. The state is also home to some of the world's best surfing spots, including Snapper Rocks. With Over five million people calling Brisbane home, Brisbane, Queensland should be on the list of any aspiring entrepreneur.

Brisbane business owners working with there team in the streets

Brisbane Has A Strong Economy

The economy of Queensland is strong because of its tourism industry. More than three million international and domestic tourists visit the state each year. Tourism contributes more than $20 billion to the state’s GDP.

The Queensland government works closely with the Australian government to ensure that business activities go undisturbed. They have created several programs that assist entrepreneurs in starting up or expanding their businesses. These include the Small Business Development Program (SBDP), Enterprise Assistance Program (EAP), and the Start-Up Loans Scheme. These programs provide financial assistance to new and existing small businesses to help them grow and prosper.

The Covid pandemic significantly impacted the tourism sector. However, many Australians from various industries decided to move to Queensland. Queensland was the state with the most positive domestic migration during the pandemic. They were securing small and medium businesses in the state.

the beautiful brisbance CBD

Living In Brisbane

There is an abundance of things to do in the third largest Australian city. From shopping malls to restaurants, there are plenty of options for everyone. There are over 400 parks and gardens throughout the city. Some of the most famous attractions include:

1) Story Bridge - Located at the heart of Brisbane, this bridge symbolizes the city. It connects the CBD to South Bank. It is the longest cable-stayed bridge in Australia.

2) Queen Elizabeth II Park - This park is located near the river and offers scenic views of the city. Visitors can enjoy walking along the riverside path or take a boat ride down the river.

3) Kangaroo Point Cliffs - This cliff face is located just north of the city center. It is a popular spot for rock climbers and hikers.

4) Mt Coot-tha - Located in the suburb of Mount Gravatt, this mountain is the highest point in Brisbane. It offers stunning views of the city.

5) Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary - This sanctuary is dedicated to protecting koalas in captivity. It is open to the public and provides educational opportunities about these animals.

brisbane koala park

Facts About Small Business In Brisbane And Queensland

We review the critical statistics of Australian Businesses and a wide range of factors that could impact the average business owner in Brisbane,

brisbane skyline

Final Thoughts On Facts Impacting Brisbane Business Operations

Brisbane is a great place to start your own business. The city has a strong economy, and it is increasing. If you want to be part of the local economy, you should consider moving here. You will find that the cost of living is low compared to other major cities in Australia.

You will also find many resources available to help you get started. The government has created several programs that will help you get started. For example, they offer loans to help you establish your business. They also provide grants to support your startup costs.

It would help if you always considered chatting with a Brisbane Business coach before launching any business endeavor to help you navigate the difficult waters of business management.

Best Small Business to Start in Sydney

We discover which is the best small business to start in Sydney. We'll also examine the best locations for small businesses in Sydney and some facts about the city and the people that live here. If you debate launching your own small business in Sydney, Australia, you should consider asmall business coach Sydney.


How Many Small Businesses Are There In Sydney?

There are currently over73,000 small businesses in Sydney. The largest sector in NSW is the construction companies with a total of 98,750 total small businesses across NSW. Australia has always been a nation of entrepreneurship, and small business is a cornerstone of our economy. This spirit of independence is evident in the latest business statistics, which show that eighty-eight percent of all businesses in Australia employ four people or less.

The number of small businesses is an essential indicator of the health of a city's economy. Still, the number of companies does not necessarily reflect the industry structure of an area. Some sectors may have a single huge business and many small businesses in an industry with little or no value-added. Therefore, the number of companies per industry should be viewed with other data, such as employment locations and value-added.

The Australian Bureau of Statisticspublishes data annually on the number of small businesses in Sydney. The report uses data from the Business Activity Statement and the Economic Activity Survey to calculate these statistics. It also identifies whether a company needs a new location or expands an existing one. A growing number of small businesses are starting up in Sydney.

What is a small business?The Australian Tax Office defines a small business as a business that has a revenue of less than $2 million. Government grants for small businesses are typically determined by the size of the business and the number of employees. Along with the connections made with local industry leaders.

a sydney business woman working in the sydney CBD

Does The Sydney State Government Help Businesses

When funding small businesses in Sydney, the state government is not shy about offering help. In the recentCOVID-19 economic support package, the government announced $3.9 billion in funding for small businesses. The funds will extend the JobSaver and Job keeper program and open the Micro-business Grant and continue to provide rent relief incentives and payroll tax reductions. With twelve-month interest-free repayment plans, eligible businesses can defer payroll tax payments until January 2022.

But this help will only cover a fraction of the businesses needed.The budget cuts have already affected many small businesses in the state, and the impacts are worse than last year. Many Sydney business owners considered leaving the state because it was too difficult to continue operations.

This support package comes when the NSW government is under pressure to help small and medium-sized businesses. The recent Covid virus outbreak has hit NSW hard, and the NSW government is now committed to providing more than $1 billion in economic assistance. The new support package aims to help small and medium-sized businesses that suffered losses in February. $700 million of the funding will go towards a JobSaver-style scheme run by Service NSW.

sydney with two small business owners in background

Best Locations To Start A Business In Sydney

There are several benefits to setting up a business in Sydney. One of the most well-known suburbs isParramatta,which offers many benefits. Parramatta is often considered the secondCBD in Sydney, as it boasts top-notch infrastructure developments and new-age commercial spaces. Aside from that, North Sydney is also an excellent choice because of its proximity toSydney Harbour Bridge. Besides, it is the perfect place for start-up entrepreneurs and small business owners since the property prices are very affordable.

Sydney has many vibrant locations that may align more appropretly with your business needs. If you plan on opening a surf shop, you should do so near theBondi, beach. The Bondi beach is a create location even for a startup restaurant or cafe as it is a tourist hot spot. The price of renting a shop can be expensive there.

bondi beach with lots of happy people

Interesting Facts About Business In Sydney And NSW

  1. Over 40% of small business owners earn less than $1000 each week
  2. One third work almost 50 hours per week
  3. Only 36% of businesses operate outside of the outer regions of Sydney
  4. Almost 60% of small business owners have completed year 12
  5. One third of founders were born overseas
  6. 20% of the small business owners operate their business from home
  7. Majority of small business owners in NSW are in the construction industry
sydney CBD with a meeting of small business owners


Sydney appears to be a beautiful city where starting a small business would be a fantastic idea. With the construction industry booming in NSW, it might be a considerable idea to investigate the possibility of this industry. After researching the information, perhaps the best small business to start in Sydney would be something in construction.

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Is Melbourne Business Friendly

We have been asked this question too many times. Is Melbourne Business Friendly? Well, let's start with some facts. In addition to the question of whether or not Melbourne, Australia is a family-friendly city, you should also ask yourself whether this place is conducive for small businesses. You can always find out if this city is the ideal location for your company by chatting withsmall business coach Melbourne.After all, the city does have a population of overfive million people. However, the city lost over 60, 000 people due to the covid-19 apporach.

melbourne city skyline

What Small Businesses Are In Melbourne

There are plenty of options for aspiring entrepreneurs,including the art and design sector.Whether you're a passionate baker or a seasoned business veteran, there's an industry for you. From home decoration to interior design, Australia has a wide variety of opportunities. One of the latest businesses in Melbourne is thewerribee zoo, where you can engage in a fun and an exciting way with animals. This business option requires a moderate capital investment and strategic planning.

melbourne city shops and business owners

How Many Businesses Are There In Melbourne?

The most important industries in Melbourne are engineering and metal processing.Infact there areover half a million businesses in Melbourne.Other major industries include construction, textiles, apparel, and food processing. The city also has a large port located at the mouth of the Yarra River. The port handles a variety of cargo, with its main commodities being foodstuffs, iron steel, and chemicals. The city is also an important destination for shooters. If you're considering relocating to Melbourne, you should know that there are many business opportunities.

The central activities area of Melbourne is called the CBD. It contains important places such as Federation Square, the Melbourne Aquarium, the Melbourne Town Hall, and the State Library of Victoria. It is also home to the State Parliament of Victoria and the Supreme Court of Victoria. The CBD is also the main terminus of the Melbourne metro and regional rail networks. The tram system in Melbourne stretches throughout the city and is a significant part of the area.

The city is home to one in four businesses, with regional Victoria experiencing the greatest growth in small businesses. The top industries in Melbourne are construction, professional, and scientific services, rental, hiring, and real estate. The largest employers are retail trade, health care, and education/training. The total population of working age is over 3.3 million. The city's business population is growing at a fast rate. If you're thinking of moving to Melbourne, consider starting your own small business!

In the Greater Melbourne area, the industries with the most businesses areConstruction, Professional, Scientific and Technical Services, and Rental, Hiring, and Real Estate Services. While a business is not an overnight success, understanding key financial metrics is critical to the success of the business. Knowing how to calculate cash flow, income and expenses, and accounts payable is essential to a successful business. A successful business requires constant attention and dedication to succeed.

Is Melbourne Good For Families

Melbourne was named as one of the most business-friendly cities in Australia. Moreover, the city is home to a diverse workforce as thousands of people move to Melbourne each year, except through the covid-19 pandemic.

The weather in Melbourne is changeable, with four seasons in one day. However, the cost of living inMelbourne is relatively low compared to Sydney. The job market is also brisk, with jobs in high-tech, automotive engineering, and construction industries. There are many options for working in Melbourne, including creative and technical fields. Its rich history is also reflected in its numerous art galleries. In terms of education, Melbourne is the top city in Australia.

As one of the most competitive locations in Australia, Melbourne is a leader in new knowledge-based industries. Its competitive advantages include a vast and diverse pool of highly educated and culturally diverse talent. It also boasts the nation's largest container port and the busiest airport in Australia. Its state-of-the-art infrastructure, fast and reliable utilities and a rich culture make Victoria a perfect location for business.

a Happy melbourne family at saint Kilda beach

Can Anyone Open A Small Business In Melbourne?

If you're planning to start a business in Melbourne, then it's a good idea to understand what steps need to be taken to be legally registered and open a business.The first step is to apply for a business license. In Australia, there are many requirements for this. If you're not sure what these requirements are, you can visit the website of the State Government's Department of Commerce to learn more.

Aside from licensing, business owners may need permits and approvals to operate their business in the state. For example, if you plan to sell alcohol, you must apply for a liquor licence. These licences are issued by the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation. In addition, certain businesses require permits from theAustralian Taxation Office (ATO).

As a startup, you'll need to invest a significant amount of money in order to start your business. Luckily, there are several ways to navigate these initial costs. You can apply for bank loans, crowdfunding, government grants, and equity financing to name a few. By focusing on these tools, you'll find it easier to navigate the startup costs. You may be able to receive more than you think you need for your business.

a melbourne woman opening her first small business

Best Things To Do In Melbourne Australia

For a unique experience, check out theMelbourne Star ObservationWheel in Docklands. This landmark was originally built to commemorate Victorian soldiers who served during World War I. Since then, it has been turned into a museum that features artifacts from every conflict in Australia's history. Its second floor balcony offers a stunning view of the city skyline. And don't miss the free property tour!

The Parliament House in Melbourneis home to the Australian parliament, where politicians draft laws and pass laws. Visitors can view proceedings from public galleries. If Parliament is not in session, they can take a free tour that puts them right in the seats of the politicians. The museum offers free tours of the Legislative Assembly Chamber and Legislative Council Chamber, as well as the central reading room. Its many rooms are furnished with dazzling artworks and displays.

Art lovers can enjoy anexhibition or a performance at the Arts Centre Melbourne, the city's most iconic cultural attraction. It is easily recognizable due to its spire. You can enjoy concerts, exhibitions, and other performances at the Arts Centre. It also boasts free Wi-Fi. For more cultural experiences, visit the Australian Music Vault, which tells the story of Australian contemporary music. You can also experience the vibrant arts scene by exploring the city's many museums, galleries, and entertainment venues.

If you're a history buff, you can check out the National Gallery of Victoria and the La Trobe Reading Room. A day trip to theMornington Peninsulais another great option. And while you're there, try some delicious dumplings in Chinatown. You can also sample some of the region's famous wine. You'll be surprised at how much it's different from other cities.

melbournies waiting for a tram to go to saint Kilda beach

Our Final Thoughts On Is Melbourne Business Friendly

The city does appear to offer wonderful attractions for young people and families. However, the city did suffer a significant hit by the extreme covid measures. This should be at the front of any business owners mind when considering launching a business here. There are plenty of other cities across Australia that may be better suited for small business owners due to the significant population decline.

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